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Who said love doesn't last forever!

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

When we have a relationship breakup we can be hit hard when our belief that love lasts forever is shattered!

We can wonder whether we will ever love or be loved again.

We may even cling onto the emotional attachment we have with the person we still love, who doesn’t feel the same about us.

I see love being something we feel and carry within us, the capability to love and to be loved.

When someone no longer loves us that doesn’t mean we are unlovable, or that we should fear loving another in case we get hurt again.

Think of love as a gift we have inside of us.

Love that we can give to someone else who is worthy of our love or we can receive love from someone into our open heart.

If the other person doesn’t treat us right, decides to leave or just doesn’t feel the same way toward us anymore we need to love ourselves enough to let them go as we deserve better and accept that we still have the gift of love to give to someone worthy of receiving it in the future.

So you see, love does last forever inside all of us as a gift to bestow on ourselves and onto others.

Just because our love for someone dies does not mean our capability to love another dies too nor doesn't mean we are unlovable or unworthy to receive love from someone else.

I have loved and lost in life but have learned that each love is stronger, and so am I.

So I live in the now and love with a full heart as we don’t know what tomorrow brings so I look on life with the mantra ‘what will be, will be’, as everything in life happens for a reason.

Author - Cheryl Duffy

Cheryl Duffy, Mediator, Divorce Coach & Author of The Divorce Tango

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