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Anger Management Course

Control Anger, not let it control you

Online self paced pre-recorded course delivered remotely to the comfort of your own home

Click here to hear the course endorsement by Amanda Dounis, Counsellor & Psychotherapist

This self paced pre-recorded online course helps you understand why we get angry, provides tools and techniques to manage anger so you are in control of your emotions and actions. 

How are we going to do that ?

By helping you;

  1. Understand why you get angry and identify the warning signs and triggers 

  2. The cost of anger on social, health and relationships 

  3. Take responsibility for your emotions, feelings and behaviours 

  4. Uncover your strengths, weaknesses and values 

  5. Communicate effectively and calmly to reduce anxiety and stress

  6. Respond instead of reacting to minimise escalation into arguments

  7. Look at anger scenarios and how to identify options to achieve a better outcome

  8. Use Anger Management Strategies and Techniques to reduce explosive reactions

  9. Keep an Anger Diary to assess your progress over time

On completion of the course you will be issued with a completion certificate