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Should I stay or go?

Be empowered to decide

It is daunting to take the step that will change your life forever, but you feel trapped, unhappy or anxious about the future.

So often conflict in the relationship can make you both disconnect from each other causing you to drift apart and put up protective walls to protect yourself emotionally from hurt and pain.

You may ask yourself....

What if it's a mistake to leave? 

What if I want to come back but it is too late? 

I still love them but I'm unhappy so should I stay or should I go?

That's why it is important to gain the support before you make your decision by;

  • Understanding if it is external factors causing you to want to leave your current life

  • Uncover the real problems to focus on to resolve

  • Emotionally reconnect with your partner again to draw you closer to each other

  • Accentuate your qualities that your partner fell in love with 

  • Use love languages to rebuild emotional connection

  • Rebuild self love, positivity and joy in your life 

  • Ignite the spark & intimacy with your partner

  • Avoid blame by taking responsibility for your happiness, behaviour and actions

  • Decide what you want for your future

  • Create an exit strategy & plan

  • Separation/divorce preparation 

Gain the confidence and courage to decide the outcome so you reach acceptance to minimise regrets and accelerate your healing.

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