How We Can Help

The emotional grief and loss can be overwhelming and can take a long time to recover from. With our personal experience through this challenge, we can support you by working with you through each step and empowering you to recover for yourself and your family. And we can also recommend when to see a medical health specialist if needed and also provide advice on who may be the best specialist to meet your unique needs.


Emotional Grief and Loss

The Divorce Centre supports you at any stage during your separation and divorce journey. Whether you have recently separated from your partner, are in the process of navigating the divorce process, or are still struggling to emotionally recover from the trauma of separation, we are here to help you. We can be your holistic support throughout your journey. We coach you through every step and if required, help you identify when you need to engage other professionals to reduce your overall cost of divorce and separation. Divorce and separation impact every aspect of your life so there are many challenges that we can help you with, including the below.

Confusing and Expensive Legal Process

The legal process for divorce and separation can be expensive and confusing. As the most expensive service you engage during divorce, it is important to use this service effectively. A mistake some people fall into is being emotionally unprepared and use costly time with lawyers talking through their grief. Also some people aren't aware of the other options they have to agree with their ex-partner on settlement and parenting, such as a separation facilitator or a mediator. We help you identify when and how to engage legal services so that you reduce your overall costs.

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Co-Parenting Challenges

During this emotional time, parents struggle with the loss of having their children permanently and it can be a challenge to negotiate parenting plans with their ex-partner. We can coach you on how to separate your emotional grief about the separation from your co-parenting responsibilities, so that your children experience less family conflict and can adjust to the new family structure. The Divorce Centre also offers an intensive Parenting after Separation program. This is a live group program run online over the weekend to help you create a successful co-parenting relationship. We provide you practical advice and use conflict scenarios to assess strategies to reach a better outcome for your family.

Financial Uncertainty

Separation and divorce significantly impact your financial circumstances and security. In addition to helping you reduce costs by effectively seeking professionals such as lawyers and mediators, The Divorce Centre can also help you at the beginning of separation to plan your finances. This could include creating a household budget, reducing your expenses and also recommending a financial planner from our national network to meet your unique needs if required.