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Parenting Coordination

Don’t wait for a contravention, have a Parenting Coordination intervention!  

It may have been stressful reaching agreement on consent or parenting orders. That stress doesn’t just go away as there is a lot of adjustment to actually putting the consent or parenting orders into action to make them work!

You may know WHAT has been agreed and documented for coparenting arrangements but are you struggling with HOW to implement your consent or parenting orders?

Is the communication fraught with conflict as one feels bombarded with messages whilst the other feels like they are being ignored?

Do you struggle to gain access to the children’s medical or school reports?

When there are special events or holidays coming up do you find you both end up arguing as you don’t want to help your coparent out because they denied you taking the kids to a special event previously, so why should you?

Why not engage a Parenting Coordinator who helps you resolve disputes, improve communication and reduce conflict.

How does Parenting Coordination work?


Coparents meet with a parenting coordinator monthly to work through issues to help resolve disputes, define a communication protocol and advise what is in the best interests of the children.


Total Fees:

Individual Intake Session $275

Monthly 1hr Joint Meeting $275 per party or

Monthly 1hr Individual Session $275 for first 6mths moving to joint there after

It is a non-confidential process, sharing communication with both parents to create a united parental alliance so parents are accountable to take responsibility to help their family transition and adjust to the new family structure.

There is the option for communication to be monitored by the parenting coordinator to keep a civil approach between the coparents or an option to have adhoc emergency sessions to resolve disputes when required.

Gain assistance to stick to your consent or parenting orders to keep you out of court!

Don’t wait for a contravention, have a Parenting Coordinator intervention!  

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