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Separate Divorce from Work

Managing Divorce grief and work performance.

Your world is falling apart at home but you have to somehow function at work to smile at customers, continue to meet deadlines and be part of the team or even manage a team!

Sometimes work can be an escape from the reality of life at home where no one notices you are just holding it together. You throw yourself into work, functioning like a machine, risking burnout!

Conversely, we can't focus, we are easily distracted by checking our phones for personal emails or messages resulting in appearing unmotivated or disengaged. We are then perceived to have a performance issue!

Productivity at work, team co-operation and emotional control can all be impacted when you are juggling divorce grief and work pressures.

You may feel you have lost so much in your home life .... and cannot afford to lose your job too!

Seek the help you need to manage the challenges.

Take back your power to regain control in your life.

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