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Empowering Teens
Impacted by Divorce 

Online Course available any time, any where from the comfort of your own home

You may think you’re shielding and protecting your children from the pain of divorce but kids don’t speak up as they don’t want to worry their parents, just as you as parents don’t want to worry them.

The pain of divorce is unbearable for most people but the children are the ones separated from their parents and try to adjust to a new family structure in two separate homes.

Many teens say they lost the concept of ‘home’ when their parents separated as it has now become ‘Mum’s house’ and ‘Dad’s house’.

They lose their sense of belonging, stability, and security plunged into a life of uncertainty and chaos.

These online pre-recorded video lessons and activities can be done from the comfort of your home at your own pace.

The course teaches teens about the emotional grief gripping the whole family providing them techniques to deal with change, shift to a positive mindset, improve communication and problem solve to manage conflict including dealing with a parent re-partnering.

The teens learn who they are as their best selves, tap into their strengths, set boundaries and have a voice so their needs are heard. They create a vision board of what they want their future to look like, develop goals and a plan of action to keep them future focused.

The self paced course is delivered by Amanda Dounis, counsellor and psychotherapist via recorded video lessons. A workbook is provided to do activities equipping the teens with the tools, techniques and knowledge on how to reduce stress and anxiety from their parents separation and divorce.

Some parents and teens opt to do the course together and some teens complete the course by themselves.

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