Empowering Teens
Impacted by Divorce Program

You may have left, been left or mutually decided to separate but the children are still victims of this traumatic family change.

You may think you’re shielding and protecting your children from the pain of divorce but kids don’t speak up as they don’t want to worry their parents, just as you as parents don’t want to worry them.

Parents I help struggling with the emotional pain of Divorce often feel the heartache of worrying about the impacts on their children, particularly teenagers who are already going through a stressful time in their lives. They asked me to help their teens going through this traumatic change which motivated me to create the ‘Empowering teens impacted by Divorce program’. The pain of divorce is unbearable for most people but the children are the ones separated from their parents and try to adjust to a new family structure in two separate homes.

Many teens I talk to say they lost the concept of ‘home’ when their parents separated as it has now become ‘Mum’s house’ and ‘Dad’s house’.

They lose their sense of belonging, stability, and security plunged into a life of uncertainty and chaos.

I am Cheryl Duffy, Founder of The Divorce Centre, Certified Coach, Accredited Mediator and Author of best seller The Divorce Tango and experienced divorced mother of teenage children. As a Divorce Specialist I created the ‘Empowering teens impacted by Divorce’ program and engaged Amanda Dounis, psychotherapist and counsellor who has extensive experience with children and teens to deliver this program.

This LIVE online group program is 8 hourly weekly sessions or 2 x 4 hour weekend sessions.

The program teaches teens about the emotional grief gripping the whole family providing them techniques to deal with change, shift to a positive mindset, improve communication and problem solve to manage conflict including dealing with a parent re-partnering.

The teens learn who they are as their best selves, tap into their strengths, set boundaries and have a voice so their needs are heard. They develop goals and a plan of action to keep them future focused.

This group program is LIVE online and accessible from your home.

See sessions below and book your teen's spot today !

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