Co-Parenting Program


The 'Co-Parenting with Civility' LIVE online group program is facilitated by a co-parenting coach taking you through the emotional grief impacting the whole family, coaching you to be your best self, promoting a positive mindset, separating the pain of the breakup from your co-parenting responsibilities and how to minimise conflict.

The group LIVE program provides training, tools & techniques to help you reduce the anxiety and stress in co-parenting. Monthly 2 x half day weekend sessions Saturday & Sunday 1pm - 5pm delivered remotely via zoom technology from the comfort of your own home

The program helps you –

  • Understand and manage the emotional turmoil

  • Separate how you feel about the breakup from your co-parenting responsibilities 

  • Managing the impacts of change 

  • Put your kids first to minimise the impact of divorce on them

  • What kids need during this traumatic family life event

  • Be your best self & a good role model

  • Manage new relationships & blended family

  • Communicate effectively and calmly to reduce anxiety and stress

  • Respond instead of reacting

  • Look at conflict scenarios and options to achieve a better outcome

  • Create a parenting plan that works for the whole family

At the end of the weekend program you will receive a completion certificate to demonstrate your commitment to a successful co-parenting relationship.

Receive 15 % discount if you are a non full time worker by using coupon code COVID whilst booking 

Note - We recommend parents attend different course dates


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