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Parenting after Separation program

Includes completion certificate accepted by the court and a pre-populated parenting plan 

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"As a practitioner dedicated to facilitating amicable separations, it's paramount that I direct my clients towards resources that not only guide them through the technical aspects of a separation but also support them emotionally and mentally. The course offered by The Divorce Centre is unparalleled in its comprehensive approach, blending Divorce Coaching with emotional support. It's a resource I recommend unequivocally. My clients have consistently reported feeling more empowered, informed, and supported through their separation process, attributing a significant part of their positive experience to the insights and guidance the course provided. It's an essential tool for anyone navigating the complexities of separation."

Christina Salvos, CEO of Simple Separation

Click here to hear the program endorsement by Amanda Dounis, Counsellor & Psychotherapist

The Parenting after separation program focuses on helping coparents separate how they feel about the breakup from their coparenting responsibilities. It provides an understanding of the emotional grief impacting the whole family, who you are as your best self, promoting a positive mindset, improve communication to minimise conflict.

The program helps you –

  • Understand and manage the emotional turmoil and why your ex is acting the way they are

  • Shift from being the 'victim' of separation to being 'empowered' to manage the challenges ahead

  • Manage the impacts of change, rather than resist it

  • Put your kids first to minimise the impact of separation or divorce on them by reducing conflict

  • Understand what kids need during this traumatic family life event

  • Be your best self & a good role model as children watch and learn from your behaviour

  • Understand Parental Alienation and why it occurs  

  • How to share parenting after Domestic Violence

  • Manage new relationships & blended family challenges

  • Communicate effectively and calmly to reduce anxiety and stress

  • Respond instead of reacting to minimise escalation into arguments

  • Work through many conflict scenario examples as well as your own to achieve a better outcome

  • Complete a quiz and two assignments to receive a completion certificate

  • Receive a pre-populated co-parenting plan which is full of options to create a baseline to set the ground rules

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