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Parenting after Separation program


Program delivered remotely to the comfort of your own home

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The Parenting after separation program focuses on the emotional journey rather than the legal one, so as to enable parents to be their best self when making major decisions about the future of shared parenting.

Most separated parents don’t have a parenting plan in place which makes their co-parenting relationship fraught with conflict as they end up in arguments as ground rules haven’t been set. 

The program takes you through the emotional grief impacting the whole family, coaching you to be your best self, promoting a positive mindset, separating the pain of the breakup from your co-parenting responsibilities and minimise conflict.

The program provides training, tools & techniques to help you reduce the anxiety and stress in co-parenting.

The program helps you –

  • Understand and manage the emotional turmoil and why your ex is acting the way they are

  • Separate how you feel about the breakup from your co-parenting responsibilities 

  • Manage the impacts of change 

  • Put your kids first to minimise the impact of separation or divorce on them by reducing conflict

  • Understand what kids need during this traumatic family life event

  • Be your best self & a good role model as children watch and learn from our behavior

  • Understand Parental Alienation and why it occurs  

  • Share parenting after Domestic Violence

  • Manage new relationships & blended family challenges

  • Communicate effectively and calmly to reduce anxiety and stress

  • Respond instead of reacting to minimise escalation into arguments

  • Look at the conflict scenarios you have had or anticipate you will have in the future and what options you have to achieve a better outcome

  • Create a parenting plan that works for the whole family using the pre-populated co-parenting plan which is full of options to create a baseline to set the ground rules

At the end of the program you will receive a pre-populated co-parenting plan and a completion certificate demonstrating your commitment to creating a successful co-parenting relationship.

***Note*** We do NOT recommend both parents attend the same LIVE program date

There are two delivery methods - 

Option 1 Book Parenting after Separation self paced pre-recorded online course here

Duration 5-6hrs Course fee $165

Option 2 Book a LIVE online group Parenting after Separation program facilitated by me over a full day session from the dates below

Duration 6-7hrs Course fee $225 

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