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The Divorce Centre provides holistic support to help you navigate your separation or divorce journey. We can help you at any stage to empower you to keep moving forward to rebuild your life. Whether you have recently separated from your partner, are in the process of navigating the divorce process, or are still struggling to emotionally recover from the trauma of separation, we are here to help you.



Divorce and separation impacts every aspect of your life and we can help you through many of those challenges including, recovering from the emotional grief, navigating the complex divorce process and creating an effective co-parenting relationship.

Emotional Grief and Loss

The emotional grief and loss can be overwhelming and can take a long time to recover without support. With our personal & professional experience through this challenge, we can support you by working with you through each step and empower you and your family to recover. We can also refer you, based on your unique needs to a counsellor or psychologist if needed.

Confusing and Expensive Legal Process

The legal process for divorce and separation can be expensive and confusing. As the most expensive service you engage during divorce, it is important to use this service effectively. A mistake some people fall into is being emotionally unprepared and use costly time with lawyers talking through their grief. Also some people aren't aware of the other options they have to agree with their ex-partner on settlement and parenting, such as mediation. We help you stay empowered so that you reduce your overall costs.

Parenting After Separation Challenges

The emotional grief and loss can be so overwhelming as we struggle to come to terms with shared parenting. Children need both parents in their lives, with minimal conflict and good parenting. As good role models we can demonstrate problem solving skills, open constructive communication and provide two loving homes. Our LIVE group two half day parenting after separation program provides knowledge, tools and techniques to put the children's needs first. A pre-populated co-parenting plan and completion certificate are provided at the end of the program to demonstrate your commitment to a successful co-parenting relationship.


How We Can Help

Free 30min Discovery Call

Separation is hard enough without the confusion, uncertainty and fear of what to do or who to turn to.

A Discovery session with a Divorce coach can assess your current situation to provide guidance and support on your separation journey. 


Separation and Divorce can be a difficult time to negotiate calmly with someone who has hurt you, no longer wants to be in a relationship, or struggling to accept it's over!

If you find that trying to negotiate how to separate the family wealth, shared parenting or moving forward to finalise a separation/divorce is fraught with conflict then mediation can help you.

Mediation is the last chance at being empowered to make decisions together for an acceptable outcome. If you can't come to an agreement in mediation then court is the next step......where the decision will be made for you by a judge!

Stay Empowered!

Parenting after Separation Program

The parenting after separation 'Co-Parenting with Civility' program is a LIVE online 2 x half day group program which provides training, tools & techniques to help you reduce the anxiety and stress in co-parenting.

You will gain an understanding of the impacts of  emotional grief, who you are as your best self and a good role model.

You will get to work through your past, current and foreseen future challenges to assess options and solutions to create a better outcome and reduce conflict.

At the end of the program you will receive a pre-populated co-parenting plan and a completion certificate demonstrating your commitment to creating a successful co-parenting relationship.

Empower Teens Impacted by Divorce Program

The greatest heartache for most parents during separation is the worry of the impact on their children.

You may think you’re shielding and protecting your children from the pain of divorce but kids don’t speak up as they don’t want to worry their parents, just as you as parents don’t want to worry them.

Many teens I talk to say they lost the concept of ‘home’ when their parents separated as it has now become ‘Mum’s house’ and ‘Dad’s house’.

They lose their sense of belonging, stability, and security, plunged into a life of uncertainty and chaos.

Teenagers are already going through major change in their life without the added stress and anxiety of coping with their parents divorce!

The 'Empowering Teens impacted by Divorce' program helps teens through the emotional turmoil, deal with change, improve communication to navigate stressful conversations & minimise conflict and so much more .....

Divorce Coaching

A Divorce Coach can help you through the divorce process preparing you for divorce and providing emotional support and guidance to help you get through the challenges of grief, uncertainty, co-parenting, and adjusting to a new life. You can gain help to rebuild self-confidence & self-worth, and shift to a positive mindset so you can visualise and build a better future.

Pet Mediation

Separation or Divorce is fraught with high emotions, conflict, stress and anxiety as you deal with the emotional grief of the breakup, impact on the children, financial insecurity and future uncertainty……..and to top it off, who gets the dog!

The legal system considers pets as property……. so if you both can’t come to an agreement on who gets the dog, the court will decide based on factors such as who paid for it and who has the biggest yard!

To us, our dog is part of the family. We all know how anxious we can become leaving them when we go on holidays, or worry about them when they are ill staying at the vets, not to mention if they run away in a storm frightened and scared.

Pet mediation can help you reach a workable solution so the whole family maintains the bond and relationship with the pets.

The Divorce Tango Book

The Divorce Tango is a best selling novel which guides you through Separation & Divorce.

If you are feeling overwhelmed on where to start on your separation journey, worried about the impact on the children or how to let go and move need this book to help you every step of the way!


Founder of The Divorce Centre, Certified Divorce Coach, Accredited Mediator & Author of bestseller,The Divorce Tango

My name is Cheryl Duffy and I am the founder of The Divorce Centre. 

After nineteen years of marriage, my world was turned upside down. Every facet of my life was impacted and I felt like I was in a fog, not knowing what was ahead for me and my children.

I spent 6 years self sabotaging through comfort eating, which fuelled my self loathing as I had plummeted into depression.

I finally found the help I needed. I decided my negative experience had to become a positive one so I became a Certified Divorce Coach and Accredited Mediator to help others accelerate their recovery so they don't waste years of their life like me.

To find out more of my journey, click below. 




The best coaching I have ever had. Down to earth, realistic, with common sense and so much empathy. Cheryl Duffy you not only helped me clear my head, you encouraged me to heal my heart and this in turn made me move forward In a positive direction, I am ever so grateful for your inspiration, time and effortless devotion to the road of my recovery. Thank you Cheryl you are terrific cheers.


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