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The Divorce Centre

Helping families impacted by separation and divorce to have the courage and confidence to get through the challenges ahead. 

Services provided remotely from the comfort of your own home;
Divorce & Conflicted Coparenting Coaching, Family Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Parenting Coordination, LIVE & Self-Paced Separation Online Courses. 


Client Testimonials

We highly recommend our services, but don't just take our word for it!


​Check out the testimonials from our clients


Parenting after Separation Online Course

"This program has been absolutely amazing. It is a non-bias course with many variable situations. Not everyone's separation is the same and Cheryl has completely covered everything to consider. This was a very detailed program. An absolute must for all Parents that have separated or have been thinking about separating but just are overwhelmed."


Helping families impacted by separation and divorce

LIVE & Online Self-Paced Separation Courses

Completion Certificates Accepted by the Federal Circuit Family Law Court.

Parenting after Separation, Parenting Toddlers & Pre-Schoolers, Anger Management, Empowering Teens and Accelerated Recovery Courses


Pre-Populated Co-Parenting Plan 

Set the ground rules so your co-parenting conflict is minimised

Don't wait for the arguments on;


  • Living arrangements

  • School holidays

  • Parenting children with special needs

  • Who does pick ups or drop offs?

  • Notification your child went to hospital

  • Access to school and medical records

  • Special events with kids

  • Setting healthy communication boundaries....and so much more

This pre-populated co-parenting plan has all the options to select for your families circumstances.

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Free 30 min Discovery Call

Seek a way forward

Feeling stuck on what to do feeling overwhelmed, stuck or unclear what action to take?

A 30min free Discovery session with a Divorce coach can assess your current situation to provide guidance for services on your separation journey. 

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Divorce & Conflicted Coparenting Coach

Navigate the challenges

A Divorce Coach helps you through whatever phase you are going through; pre-separation, post separation or post-divorce.

Separation is hard enough without the confusion, uncertainty and fear of what to do or who to turn to.

A Divorce & Conflicted Coparenting Coach helps you through the challenges of separation and divorce helping reduce the overwhelm by prioritising challenges, providing emotional support, minimising conflict to reduce escalation and shift your mindset to be child focused to keep you empowered amidst the chaos. Gain clarity and stay future focused so you have the courage and confidence to get through this stressful time in your life. 

Don't waste time and money pouring out your grief in a lawyer's office. A Divorce Coach can refer you to the right professional at the right time to help you save money and accelerate your recovery.

Book a session with me to gain the support you need to de-escalate so you can help your family transition to the new family structure. 


Family Dispute Resolution Mediation

Be empowered to decide the outcome

Does it always end up in an argument whenever you talk about shared parenting or property settlement?

Sometimes grief, hurt and anger can hijack our emotions making it difficult to negotiate a win/win solution.


Mediation provides an impartial facilitator in a confidential setting to enable you both to have your voice heard and your issues understood, so that you can explore options to reach an agreement.


Don't waste tens of thousands of dollars battling it out in court... stay empowered through mediation to negotiate your agreements!

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Parenting Coordination

Are you finding it difficult to stick to your parenting orders?

You have WHAT needs to be implemented in your consent or parenting orders BUT you are struggling with HOW to make them work!

The last thing you want, is to go to a lawyer or court AGAIN!

Does every conversation turn into an argument?

Do handovers make you feel anxious, stressed and emotionally drained?


You need a Parenting Coordinator who can help you implement your consent or parenting orders, via monthly sessions to resolve disputes, improve communication and reduce conflict in your coparenting relationship, so you stay out of court!

Don’t wait for a contravention, have a Parenting Coordination intervention! 


Pet Mediation

Shared Pet Parenting

The legal system considers pets as property……. so if you both can’t come to an agreement on who gets the dog, the court will decide based on factors such as who paid for it and who has the biggest yard!

To us, our dog is part of the family.

Pet mediation can help you reach a workable solution so the whole family maintains the bond and relationship with the pets.

Or just grab a copy of the pre-populated pet parenting plan to setup ongoing pet sharing! 


The Divorce Tango Book

When your life has fallen apart

The Divorce Tango is a best selling novel which guides you through Separation & Divorce.

If you are feeling overwhelmed on where to start on your separation journey, worried about the impact on the children or how to let go and move need this book to help you every step of the way!


Founder of The Divorce Centre, Divorce Coach, Family Dispute Practitioner, NMAS Mediator, Conflicted Coparenting Divorce Coach, Parenting Coordinator & Author of bestseller,The Divorce Tango

My name is Cheryl Duffy and I am the founder of The Divorce Centre. 

After nineteen years of marriage, my world was turned upside down. Every facet of my life was impacted and I felt like I was in a fog, not knowing what was ahead for me and my children.

I plummeted into depression and spent 6 years in post-divorce purgatory making 5 big mistakes delaying my recovery.

To find out more of my journey, click below. 

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Television Appearances & Speeches

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Based in Sydney, NSW with services provided remotely Australia wide

Tel : 0411484099

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The Divorce Centre

Proudly Supports

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Positive Thinking Clinic

Provides therapy & counselling to adults, children & teens. Delivers The 'Empowering Teens impacted by Divorce' program on behalf of The Divorce Centre

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For Kids Sake

Protecting children beyond family separation by creating a modern approach to family breakdown.

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Generous & Grateful

Pre-loved essentials fast-tracked to furnish homes so people may rebuild their lives and thrive

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Beyond Blue

5% of The Divorce Tango book sales profit are donated to Beyond Blue to help those with depression which can be a result of family separation and divorce

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