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Pet Mediation

Service delivered remotely LIVE to the comfort of your own home

Negotiate a workable solution

Separation or Divorce is an emotional rollercoaster as you come to terms with the loss of your relationship, home, full time access to the kids, impact on your finances and not knowing where you will end up.

So often I see many families or couples struggling to determine what will happen to the pets.

Pets don't understand what is going on, all they know is the household is fraught with tension and this can impact the pet's eating habits, behaviours and cause separation anxiety as a result of the family unit breakdown.

Everyone has been so used to gaining comfort from a beloved pet at the end of a bad day. A pet who provides unconditional love and affection. Something you desperately need during this traumatic time in your life.​

But the legal system considers pets as property……. so, if you both can’t come to an agreement on who gets the dog, the court will decide based on factors such as who paid for it and who has the biggest yard!

So how will you prevent going to court to fight for the pets?

Does there need to be a 'winner'?

Can there be a solution where you all get to maintain the bond and relationship with the pets?

To us, our dog is part of the family. We all know how anxious we can become leaving them when we go on holidays, or worry about them when they are ill staying at the vets, not to mention if they run away in a storm frightened and scared.

Pets sense the tension in the home so it’s vital to negotiate a solution that works for everyone ….. especially the pet.

If you can work it out together without mediation, great! We have a pre-populated pet parenting plan you can purchase which has all the options for pet parenting schedules, communication, holidays, boarding facilities, ongoing costs and so much more!

If you are struggling to negotiate a workable solution maybe Pet mediation is for you! 

How does Pet mediation work?

Pet mediation is facilitated by an accredited mediator who is a neutral party to help you both explore the issues of ongoing pet parenting and negotiate solutions to create a win/win for all….especially the pet!

The process is performed remotely via zoom technology from the comfort of your own homes capped at 3hours concluding with a Pet Parenting Agreement. 

Total Cost for Pet Mediation - $960

Total cost per person - $480

Individual 1hour Intake session $180 

Joint Mediation session up to 3 hours $300 

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