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Family Dispute Resolution Mediation

Negotiate through mediation to stay empowered on the outcome. 

Often separated parents are still dealing with grief at the loss of the relationship, their home, time with the children and financial instability making it difficult to negotiate in mediation.  


Through optional individual pre-mediation 1:1 coaching sessions helps separated parents with emotional support, coaching and preparation to mediate successfully. Prior to mediation they prepare options for parenting and property to feel empowered, their mindset shifted to be future and child focused so they are ready to negotiate collaboratively to achieve a parenting or property agreement that will work for their family.

 You may also opt to book pre-mediation sessions or workshop if you are booked into mediation elsewhere too which will help you prepare for mediation.

You can book an intake session for parenting or property matters to start the process of mediation with us.


Intake is an individual session to gain a background of the dispute, family violence screening, outline the mediation process and understand what you want to achieve in mediation.

Optional Pre-mediation individual one on one sessions to help prepare for mediation emotionally, identify resistance fears, issues you want to resolve, develop possible options, role play and reality test options.

Joint Mediation session up to 4 hours Parenting or Property to come together to explore issues, table options, negotiate solutions and agree outcomes.

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