Mediation delivered LIVE via zoom to the comfort of your own home

A mediator can provide the opportunity as a neutral facilitator to help you both gain a deeper understanding of each others viewpoints, focus on the issues to be resolved and explore options and solutions to compromise to reach an acceptable agreement.

Whether you choose Marital Mediation or Divorce Mediation, it helps you stay empowered to decide on your future.

Mediation enables you both to have your voice heard, understand each other's needs and wants, determine the main issues to resolve and explore win/win solutions. 

Marital Mediation - If you both still want to make your relationship work but have the same issues crop up over and over again, then marital mediation helps you focus on the problems together so you can avoid separation and divorce!

Divorce Mediation - If you both agree it is time to walk away, divorce mediation can help you understand each other's viewpoints, needs & wants so you can negotiate solutions and reach agreement on how to separate amicably to avoid going to court!

Mediation is the last chance at being empowered to make decisions together for an acceptable outcome. If you can't come to an agreement in mediation then court is the next step......with the final decision on your future made by a judge!

Courts are costly, financially and emotionally, so it should always be the last resort.

Be empowered to work together to reach agreement through mediation.

Once you have both agreed mediation is the next step in your separation journey the below mediation process roadmap keeps you empowered to decide your outcome.

Cost per person for Mediation -

Individual 1hr Intake session $150 

Joint Mediation session <4hrs $650 

Total cost per person - $800

If you have children under18yrs old and you cannot agree on shared parenting arrangements you can be referred to a family dispute resolution mediator.