Property Mediation

Negotiate through mediation to secure your financial future. 

A mediator can provide the opportunity as a neutral facilitator to help you both have your voice heard, understand each other's needs and wants, and identify common ground. You will be able to explore options and negotiate solutions so that you can reach agreement on how to separate finances amicably to avoid going to court!

Mediation is the last chance at being empowered to make decisions together for an acceptable outcome. If you can't come to an agreement in mediation then court is the next step......with the final decision on your future made by a judge!

Courts are costly, financially and emotionally, so it should always be the last resort.

Be empowered to work together to reach agreement through mediation.

Property Mediation helps separated couples reach agreements on assets, superannuation, shares, and businesses to determine the financial percentage split enabling them to separate financially and rebuild their


Cost per person for Property Mediation;

Individual 1hour Intake session $150 

Joint Mediation session upto 4 hours $450 

Total cost per person - $600

See Mediation Process Roadmap below to understand how mediation can help you reach agreement then book your intake session.