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Negotiate a workable solution that's a WIN/WIN for ALL

Separation and Divorce can be a difficult time to negotiate calmly without the help of a mediator. You may find it results in arguments as soon as shared parenting or property settlement topics are raised or you may find that you request time to discuss calmly but it falls on deaf ears with no response.

A mediator can provide the opportunity as a neutral facilitator to help you both gain a deeper understanding of each others viewpoints, focus on the issues to be resolved and explore options and solutions to compromise to reach an acceptable agreement.

Prior to mediation it is always beneficial to have a consultation with a lawyer to understand your entitlements so you are fully informed prior to making agreements in mediation.

Mediation is the last chance at being empowered to make decisions together for an acceptable outcome. If you can't come to an agreement in mediation then court is the next step......with the final decision on your future made by a judge!

Courts are costly, financially and emotionally on the whole family, so it should always be the last resort.

Be empowered to work together to reach agreement through mediation.

Once you have both agreed mediation is the next step in your separation journey the following occurs;

An intake session is held separately to assess whether mediation is right for you based on your circumstances. This is performed over the phone or via zoom.

If mediation is to go ahead this will be scheduled when you both have a half day available. This is performed via zoom from the safety and comfort of your own home.

Mediation duration is between 3-4 hours per area such as property or parenting. It is best to do one area per mediation session. The mediation enables both parties to discuss issues/viewpoints, explore options/solutions, reach acceptable agreements on all or some of the issues.

Total cost per mediation session - $1500 - $3500

(varies by mediator)