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Let go & flow

Haven't you suffered enough?

Stuck in post-separation purgatory unable to let go and move on keeps you trapped from living your best life.

Discover why you are in fear of letting go.

Gain courage and confidence through understanding who you are as your best self.

Stop destructive self sabotaging and adopt self care habits

Shift from a negative to a positive mindset so you see the possibilities of a happy future!

Say good bye to your old life creating capacity for new beginnings

The 'Accelerated Recovery' LIVE online 8 week program is delivered via zoom technology from the comfort of your own home by me, Cheryl Duffy, Certified Divorce Coach and Accredited mediator. I was stuck for 8 years and my only regret is not my divorce..... but the time it took for me to recover, wasting years of my life. My passion is to help others accelerate their recovery so they don't waste years of their life like I did. 


Change your life in just 8 weeks!

You will learn about;

Emotional grief & self sabotaging preventing you from letting go & moving on

Who you are as your best self & how to use your strengths to create the life you deserve

What's holding you back and how to become unstuck 

Shifting to a healthy mindset to see the possibilities of creating a happy future.

Challenges & problem solving techniques to gain confidence & courage to take control of your life 

How to let go and flow to accept what happens is part of life's challenges 

Say goodbye to your old life once and for all

Create a plan with future goals and actions to shift into a forward motion to create your best life 

If you are stuck and ready for change then this program is for you!

Let's get you started on creating a new life in just 8 weeks!

The LIVE one on one program provides training, tools & techniques to help you become future focussed!

Don't just survive, thrive!