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Divorce & Conflict Coach

Navigate the Challenges

A Divorce Coach supports you emotionally to empower you to have the courage and the confidence to get through the challenges of separation. 

Separation is hard enough without the confusion, uncertainty and fear of what to do or who to turn to.

A Divorce & Conflict Coach helps to reduce the overwhelm by prioritising challenges, provide emotional support, minimise conflict to reduce escalation and shift your mindset to be child focused to keep you empowered amidst the chaos.


Gain clarity and stay future focused to prepare and plan your separation journey so that you can be in the right mindset to be ready to negotiate in mediation.

Walk through your current challenges and reality test alternative actions, responses and strategies to help your family transition to the new family structure.

Whether you have an issue with communicating with your ex, helping your children adjust, preparing to gain legal advice, impacts on work productivity due to chaos at home or bringing calm to a stressful event in your life.

Book a coaching session to gain the support you need.



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