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My Story

What Inspired Me to Help Others through Divorce

Founder of The Divorce Centre, CDC® Divorce Coach, DCA® Divorce Conflict Coach, DCA® Conflicted Co-Parenting Coach, Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner, NMAS Mediator, Parenting Coordinator & Author of bestseller 'The Divorce Tango'

My name is Cheryl Duffy and I am the founder of The Divorce Centre. 

From an 18 year career in a Global IT company leading transformational change programs, the most difficult change & transformation I had to manage, was my own divorce.

After nineteen years of marriage, my world was turned upside down. My husband left and every facet of my life was impacted. I felt like I was in a fog, not knowing what was ahead for me and my children.

I plummeted into depression and spent years in post-divorce purgatory making 5 big mistakes delaying my recovery.

1. Self Sabotage

2. Harbouring Resentment

3. Glass half empty attitude

4. Scared of getting hurt again

5. Staying in my old life

I ate my emotions, self-sabotaging through comfort eating which fueled my self-loathing. My self worth was at an all time low.

Eventually I sought the help I needed and started to transform myself & my life so I could let go & move on from my divorce. 

Losing 8 years of my life in post-divorce purgatory made me realise that I didn't regret my divorce, I regretted taking 8 years to recover from it!

That's when I came out the other side with a passion to make a difference to help others impacted by divorce and ensure I turned a negative experience into a positive outcome.

I provide emotional support and guidance through client's separation and divorce journey.

Through divorce coaching, conflict coaching, mediation, parenting coordination and separation courses endorsed by a counsellor and psychotherapist;

I help clients;

  • Be empowered to have the courage and the confidence through the challenges ahead

  • Prepare for separation emotionally and shift to a child and future focus

  • Improve coparenting communication to create a respectful coparenting relationship

  • Provide marital mediation for those trying to avoid separation

  • Provide divorce parenting and property mediation to help those separate fairly to reach agreement on shared parenting and splitting the family wealth pool

  • Reduce conflict, avoid escalation and be child focused to minimise impact on the children 

  • Parenting coordination to help setup a successful coparenting relationship with respectful communication with cooperative problem solving skills

  • Avoid work performance impacts due to divorce

  • Help them accelerate their recovery so they can let go and move on to rebuild a happy life.

Divorce isn't the end, it's a new beginning!

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