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Parenting after Separation Online Course

"This program has been absolutely amazing. It is a non-bias course with many variable situations.  Not everyone's separation is the same and Cheryl has completely covered everything to consider.  This was a very detailed program.  An absolute must for all Parents that have separated or have been thinking about separating but just are overwhelmed."


Parenting after Separation Self-Paced Online Course

"Thank you so much for creating this course. I wish it was a mandatory requirement even BEFORE lawyers and mediation get involved. I gained new insight and got reminded of values and valuable strategies."


Parenting after Separation Self-Paced Online Course

"Lots of good advice and information, however too late in my case, as we've already been through court. A course like this should be mandated at the beginning, not the end of the process."


Anger Management self-paced online course

"I am very impressed by how the course is delivered. The skills that I have learned are practical, pro-active, functional and most importantly easy to implement...and they work!"


Parenting after separation self-paced online course

"All the information was really helpful, I extremely thankful to you for sharing all the challenges will have to face after separation and will help me to make decisions in the best interests of the kids. According to me every parent should do this course even if they are living together with love or having any conflict between them which can lead them to separation. If they do this course even if they have minor conflict can be avoided" separation. 
I really grateful to have all this knowledge. 


Anger Management Online Self-Paced Course

"Wow, very skeptical before I started, but it was mega interesting. If you get angry, you never ask yourself why, angry people see the problem in front of them, unknown that the problem has already been in them. Exciting to learn which type of anger tries to control you the most and the things you can do against it. For my family it is too late unfortunately, but if somebody is fighting a lot with his or her partner, DO THAT COURSE!!! It can rescue your family, your kids, yourself... Good luck"


Divorce Coaching 

"When starting my separation journey, Cheryl provided me with a roadmap and guided me as a objective sounding board without any prejudice. This was a neutral and safe space I could go to instead of relying solely on family or friends well intended one-sided advice. Knowing that she has helped many others put my mind at ease. She provided information and guidance so I could make an informed decision and prepared myself while making tough conversations/decisions. She was easy to reach and there for me when I needed support. I have now left and living my best life!"

I strongly recommend Cheryl if you are any point in your separation or divorce as she will be there to help you every step of the way.

Thanks for all that you do, I know it has helped me so much in my separation.


Parenting Pre-Schoolers for Separated Parents online course

"Fantastic resources for not only parents but also children. I loved the extra videos and activities to do. I wasn't expecting this. Easy to understand and engaging"


Parenting Pre-Schoolers for Separated Parents online course

"Delivery was extremely well done and very easy to follow. Some very useful and creative resources to help interact with the kids to help get them talking about their feelings"


Parenting after Separation online self- paced course

"At first the idea of "having" to take a parenting course can seem a little offensive, after all I've been doing parenting for the last 15 years. However as someone who is always open to growth, I found there was a lot of great material on the course that made me think about both what I have been doing well as a parent and areas where I could improve. This course, and courses like it, should not just be mandatory for parents of families that are adjusting to a new normal, but for all parents, as it may even prevent a separation from happening.
Excellent material, delivered with respect and understanding."


Parenting Pre-Schoolers for Separated Parents online course

"I feel I will be a better coparent"


Parenting after Separation self paced online course

"Wish I did this course earlier in my separation as it has many handy tips. That I have learnt the harder way. Was a good reminder of how to better co-parent"


Parenting after Separation self paced online course

"Definitely a lot of food for thought.  Plenty of scope for people at differing points in their grief cycle.  The parental alienation content put the fear of christ into me.  It was good to be able to do the course at my own pace.  I'm glad i didn't rush through it.  It's been challenging doing it while going through a complete life rebuild.  The content brings up a lot of emotion during an already emotional time for me, so I've had to take many breaks while I've had things/emotions coming up for me or being overwhelmed by them.  Thanks.  Good course, definitely got a lot of benefit and some useful insights"


Parenting after separation self-paced online course

"It gives real life scenarios also not just presentation slides but videos of the tutor explaining clearly of these sensitive aspects. It has given me a picture of where I should reach, how I should reach, and what are the things if I do not."


LIVE Parenting after Separation Program

"Positive attitude, positive reinforcement & being aware of hot buttons"


LIVE Parenting after Separation program

"I really loved the entire program and got a lot from it. Particularly the exercises. It was much more impressive than I expected, I don’t have any recommendations. I think it was near perfect"


LIVE Parenting after Separation program

"I found the co-parenting program to be very helpful in self-realisation and development. It helped me to learn to put child first in every scenario and to develop communication skills with ex-partner. Cheryl was awesome as she could connect emotionally and guide us through during this program. I feel this program will be very helpful for me and my son in future."


Parenting after Separation self-paced online course

"Essential information that makes you think harder about what's really important" 


Parenting after Separation self-paced online course

"It reminds you that its time to put the emotions aside. The relationship is over and it is just business now"


Parenting after separation self-paced online course

"Very very happy and one on one via the video watching and reading was much greater than expected" 


LIVE Parenting after Separation program

"I just wanted to say thank you for your time and guidance.

I wish I knew of this course earlier on with regard to my situation.

I gained a great deal of information and you have rekindled my strength moving forward to do what is right for my daughter and keeping her as the priority moving into the next stage of our co-parenting experience.

I am very grateful that you are providing this co-parenting course to people in this situation. It is indeed a very worthwhile project.

From myself and on behalf of my daughter Scarlet I sincerely thank you for the effort you have gone through, the work and commitment you show to help others.

I would happily recommend this to any in need moving forward"


LIVE Parenting after Separation Program

"Many thanks Cheryl, highly recommend the course and agree with you it should be mandatory for a separation with children at the outset

Grateful to have found the course much appreciated."


Divorce Coaching

"The best coaching I have ever had. Down to earth, realistic, with common sense and so much empathy. Cheryl Duffy you not only helped me clear my head, you encouraged me to heal my heart and this in turn made me move forward In a positive direction, I am ever so grateful for your inspiration, time and effortless devotion to the road of my recovery. Thank you Cheryl you are terrific cheers."


Divorce Coaching

"Consultation with Cheryl to prepare for a difficult settlement and custody discussion with my ex, gave me the clarity and confidence to be fully prepared for what was one of the hardest conversations I’ve ever had to have"


Divorce Coaching

"To have Cheryl support me emotionally, guiding me through my divorce was comforting and gave me the strength to get through one of the most traumatic events of my life"


Divorce Coaching

"The process of separating is both emotional and difficult. Cheryl Duffy’s sincere, but strategic, constructive and balanced approach was invaluable. I would encourage any client to engage with her, to achieve a logical and fair outcome in any separation/divorce. She advised me that the best way to deal with financial settlement in a divorce is through an amicable approach. If after an initial consultation with a lawyer in regards to entitlements an agreement can be reached between both parties, it will allow both to remain in control. This resulted in a somewhat less painful separation in what is a stressful period"


Divorce Coaching

"Losing my kids was the most painful part of my marriage breakdown and after trying to reconnect with them over the years with Cheryl’s support I have realised I need to move on and recreate a life for myself knowing my girls know I will always be here when they need me"


Divorce Coaching 

"Cheryl helped me realise I was running away avoiding the inevitable, prolonging the pain. To face my fears and plan my actions would be the best for everyone and enable me to move on and recreate the life I want"


Divorce Coaching 

"I was so worried about the impact of my divorce on the children, Cheryl helped me be the best role model to them during this difficult time for us all"


Divorce Tango Book Review

“This is a book for everyone. For women considering a separation, an honest account and a valuable “how-to” from an honest and intimate personal journey shared. For men, insights into the mature singles scene worthy of some reflection and respect. And for all those in a relationship, the shattered mirror can open eyes anew to the precious you have, and why it is worth the effort to make it the best it can be”……

Robert Armstrong, Clinical Psychologist

Divorce Tango Book Review

“The Divorce Tango was a good, easy read and Cheryl’s personality shines through as someone who has gone through the process and gleaned a lot of valuable insight into their divorce. I think women who have been left will particularly relate to it”……….

Valerie Norton, Family Mediator

Divorce Tango Book Review

“This book is a breath of fresh air and a "must have" for all souls that are swimming in the emotional "divorce lakes" .....there were no books around 30 years ago in the late 80's when my divorce was marks to Cheryl Duffy
Congratulations and every success”.......

Kay Chappell, Retired Purchasing Officer

Divorce Tango Book Review

"The Divorce Tango is a helpful, honest and a practical book about navigating your way through the minefield of separation and divorce. I wish I'd read it when I went through my divorce years would have supported me tremendously!"……

Malinda Boulous, Teacher & Small Business Owner

Divorce Tango Book Review

“Cheryl has managed to explain very simply the emotional roller coaster of a divorce, a combination taken from both personal and experience of others this book provides the reader with an insight into the many facets of divorce.  From the pain of denial to the relief of acceptance; from being a victim of the past to gaining the self confidence to make the right choices to move forward and live a renewed life of happiness. This book provides the reader with some reassurance that when you are ready and you have allowed yourself time to heal..., you will learn to trust in another and find love again”…..

Raj Tailor, Associate Director of IT Service Management

Divorce Tango Book Review

“The self-esteem and confidence that is shattered when a divorce occurs, is so hard to comprehend unless one has been through it, so sharing your first hand experience is very helpful to others embarking on their divorce journey”……

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