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Poem - Tears of a separated child

Doors, slam shut

Harsh words deeply cut

Mum & Dad are yelling

When will it stop, there is no telling

They assure me, it’s ok, they are just in a rut

Again, they are arguing about me

About who will take me and flee

I am so scared, wondering what I did

What is happening to my family, I’m just a kid?

Tears trickle down my face, my future I cannot see

What did I do to make them so mad?

Maybe when I broke my toy, it angered Dad

Or when I made a mess, making more work for mum

Our once happy home is now very glum

I wish they would make up, I would be so glad

My parents always taught me to be kind and caring

But they are not, as they are fighting and swearing

I just want us to be a happy family

I don’t want them to fight over me

There is enough of me for sharing

I love them equally

I don’t want to choose, that’s not fair on me

I want them both in my life

I don’t want there to be strife

We will always be family

Author - Cheryl Duffy

Divorce Coach, Mediator & Author

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