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Poem - Dog Gone Grief

Who gets our dog in separation?

Considered property, a stark realisation

Tug of war starts, to battle it out

I will win, there is no doubt

But will it come down to who paid for registration?

We love our dog more than we loved each other

It’s like we have been their father and mother

Testing their loyalty, to see who has the greater bond

Unconditional love given above and beyond

Irreplaceable, there isn’t another

There were many happy times such as a daily jog

Or with you by the creek jumping over a log

At night he would snuggle at my feet

Or with you in the kitchen begging for a treat

We took him everywhere, even featured in our travelog

I can’t imagine life without my beloved hound

Whose unconditional love knew no bound

Great comfort he will provide in my time of grief

Nights alone, I will feel safe with relief

Under the blanket will be his silhouette mound

We can’t agree on who gets our furry friend

Who senses the tension but doesn’t comprehend

Pet mediation will help us agree

To share him as a pet parenting family

To enjoy quality time together on the weekend

Author – Cheryl Duffy, Divorce Coach, Mediator & Author

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