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Is your Real Estate Agent reducing the stress of your Divorce ?

Divorce is one of the most stressful events in your life, so having the right resources throughout your divorce journey can reduce the stress and anxiety of this emotional rollercoaster!

A key resource for your divorce is a Real Estate Agent. You may have to sell your family home, sell investment properties or move to a rental property in the interim whilst your financial settlement is underway.

Many people move to a rental property to give themselves time to heal before committing to buy another property straight away whereas others may decide to buy their ex out of the family home. Moving from the family home can be very unsettling amidst this major change in your life when the future looks so uncertain, leaving you wondering where you will end up when the dust settles. The key is to understand that this move is not your final destination as it is an interim change until you emerge from the fog able to visualise what you want your future to look like. For those who decide to stay in the family home to reduce the amount of change they are having to undergo, may find it takes longer to heal and recover emotionally as they may become shackled to their past memories by staying in the family home. Everyone makes their own decision what is best for them based on their individual experience and circumstance.

During this tumultuous time, you need a Real Estate Agent that specialises in helping people going through divorce who are empathetic, proactive, and work for you to take away the stress of having to go to varying resources to obtain valuations, selling services and rental services.

So, what are the top characteristics of the ‘Right Realtor’ through divorce? –

1. Transparent and trustworthy - Ensuring valuations are not inflated or conservative providing the best case/worst case and likely value/sale price for your property

2. Patient and supportive of timeframes - Understanding divorce settlement timeframes to help you sell when you need to

3. Provide an end to end service – A one stop shop providing valuations, selling and rental services

4. Active listening – to clients’ needs for an interim rental property to accommodate your new family structure

5. Compassionate commission – Offering a compassionate commission rate to help families when financial stability is at an all-time low

The Divorce Centre is a one stop shop referring clients to the right resource at the right time to minimise divorce costs and accelerate recovery enabling clients to rebuild their life faster. Divorce specialists include Lawyers, Mediators, Psychologists, Financial Planners, Coaches and Real Estate Agents.

Divorce isn’t the end, it’s a new beginning!

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