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GREEN flags are just as important!

It can be daunting starting a new relationship after a separation or divorce and it is important once you are ready to start dating again to not only focus on avoiding red flags but be mindful to look out for GREEN flags to improve your chances of having a loving relationship.

GREEN flags can include -

1. The person you date is at the same level of 'readiness' for a relationship as you are. If you are divorced ready for love then meeting someone still going through separation is going to make for disappointment as they may take a long time to heal and not be ready with an open heart.

2. Someone who supports you in achieving your passion and dreams, who are your biggest cheerleader, when sometimes you can doubt yourself.

3. When someone is willing to do an activity or go somewhere they wouldn't have been interested in prior to meeting you but does it because they know how much it makes you happy.

4. When they go out of their way to take care of you when you are sick by calling you to see how you are, bringing you food, or picking up some medicine for you.

5. Knowing in an emergency they would be there for you. If you broke down in your car late at night that they would come to get you so you are safe.

6. Seeing how they treat other people who they are not trying to impress such as waiters, shop assistants, elderly, or people with a disability.

7. How they would help a stranger in need shows great compassion, kindness and generosity of spirit

8. Their values align with yours

9. Your family and friends think they have a positive influence on you and make you happy

10. You can't wait to see them next and often think of them throughout the day

11. They are forgiving of others and themselves without long term grudges after disagreements

12. Their family is important to them and they want you to be part of their family and conversely, want to be part of your family

Author Cheryl Duffy - Divorce Coach, Mediator & Author

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