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Poem - The Storm of Separation

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

You feel the tension in the air

It feels like they just don’t care

Once united as a family

Is now becoming the enemy

You wonder how you will fare

Life has turned upside down

May even have to leave this town

Financial strain brings great distress

Never thought it would end like this

Grass isn’t greener, it’s a dirty brown

Children feel like they are in a tug of war

Their little hearts feel very sore

All they want is both mum & dad

To be happy, instead of desperately sad

Security and stability rocked to its core

Who do we turn to for support

To avoid ending up in court

Emotions are high

All we do is cry

Around our heart we build a fort

The storm is brewing with loud thunder

Blinded by fog, our future we wonder

We cannot get off the rollercoaster of grief

Until we heal, with a sigh of relief

Happiness will return, after life asunder

Author – Cheryl Duffy

Divorce Coach, Mediator & Author

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