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Poem - My Partner Wants to Separate

I never thought this would be my fate

I don’t want my life to change

A new future seems so strange

I thought they were my soulmate

They want things to change so fast, but I want it to be slow

I am struggling to accept it is over, so resist against the flow

So many changes, home, kids and finance

Everything of importance

What will happen to our family, I do not know

They seem so cold and so distant

Every time I plea to stay, it just ends in a rant

I hope I can win them back

But they keep telling me to go and pack

I feel so helpless and nonsignificant

Where do I go and who do I turn to?

I feel so overwhelmed and anxious too

It is hard to be calm to focus on what needs to be done

It’s like pushing a landside back up the mountain

Which buries me deeper anew

The sooner I accept it is time to let go and move on

Stop thinking of the past and focus on the future anon

Chaos will be replaced with calm

There will be a new routine without alarm

The new family structure, we will be upon

Author - Cheryl Duffy - Divorce Coach, Mediator & Author

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