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Infidelity Crushes your Soul

The one I loved with all my heart

Who vowed we would never part

Betrayed my trust

Which in a relationship is a must

My life as I know it, I must depart

I lost my self-worth

Felt alone on this earth

I felt my heart break

The pain a constant ache

Like the pounding of the surf

Became numb to the pain

Life robotic to remain sane

Armour surrounding my heart

No more breaking apart

Never to love again

Cannot trust anyone

Seems the hurt cannot be undone

No trust in my own decision

Constant memory revision

My heart cannot be won

Years pass by alone and afraid

Unable to open my heart which is frayed

My soulmate comes along

Feels right not wrong

True love is made

Author – Cheryl Duffy, Divorce Coach & Mediator

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