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Don't have one of the most expensive Divorces

Don’t become one of the MOST expensive Divorces !

Are you minimising the cost of your Divorce or could you fall into the trap of becoming one of the most expensive divorces as featured in usmagazine ?

It’s easy for people to become so irrational during divorce fighting to the bitter end to discover they have lost thousands and thousands of dollars impacting their long term financial security.

As a Divorce coach I have come across people who make these big mistakes –

1. Agree with their ex on the financial settlement BEFORE having an initial consultation with a lawyer about their entitlements

2. Engage with a lawyer for the legal side of Divorce but don’t seek the help of a Divorce Coach for the emotional support required through the Divorce Journey

3. Fight for MORE than they are entitled to, taking their case back and forth to court multiple times eroding the family wealth pool

4. Refusing to negotiate with their ex, advising them to work directly through their lawyers to negotiate

5. Not engage in mediation services earlier enough for dispute resolution

6. Allow their anger and pain of the Divorce to poison their rational, ethical and fair decision making skills

7. Thinking the person you are divorcing is the same person you married assuming they care about you in the outcome

8. Not treating Divorce like a fair business transaction, rather than an emotional battle to win at any cost

9. Not protecting your assets if you cohabitate or marry again with a Financial Contract Binding Agreement

At The Divorce Centre we ensure you talk to the right professional at the right time to minimise your cost and accelerate your recovery.

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