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COVIDivorce is set to rise

Strained relationships amid lockdown can become a pressure cooker waiting to blow and experts fear a spike in Divorces is imminent when lockdown restrictions are lifted.

There are many pressures on relationships including financial impact due to loss of income, forced confinement together for long periods of time and stress levels soar amidst the uncertainty of the future. You find yourself wanting to flee, to run away, to escape!

STOP, determine whether your desire to leave is due to the external factors of coronavirus putting so much pressure on your relationship and realise if life was back to normal the issues could be worked through OR whether you have realised the issues have always been there and amidst normal life you got some space to escape by going to work, hanging out with friends or going to the movies enabling you to cope. Either way you can decide whether you want to avoid divorce in this difficult time or once lockdown lifts you are out of there!

Top 5 tips if you want to avoid divorce are –

  1. Relieve some pressure by taking time out from each other like going on separate walks

  2. Start a project at home to get your creative juices flowing to create positive energy

  3. Sort through your family photos and reminisce about the good times

  4. Create some fun such as a romantic picnic in the backyard, rekindling the romance

  5. Remind yourself of the good characteristics of your partner and appreciate them more

Or if you want to prepare for Divorce –

  1. Start collecting information on all your assets, debts, income, superannuation, shares etc

  2. Identify what you need to change once you are separated ie will, superannuation beneficiaries, emergency contacts, separate bank account

  3. Book a phone consultation with a lawyer when you are on your walk or in the carpark at the shops to discuss what your entitlements might be

  4. Research the divorce process and understand what resources you will need to help you

  5. Join a facebook divorce or family law support group to ask questions and hear experiences from others

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