Divorce Support Services

The Divorce Centre is a single place for you to access support through your divorce journey. We are a national team of lawyers, mediators, coaches, counsellors and financial planners.

We refer you to the right professional at the right time in your divorce journey so you can minimise your divorce cost and accelerate your recovery.

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Divorce Coach

A Divorce Coach will help you through the divorce process preparing you for divorce and providing emotional support and guidance to get through the challenges of grief, co-parenting, and adjusting to a new life. You will be helped to regain self-confidence & self-worth, and shift to a positive mindset so you can visualise and build a better future.

You can get support through one-on-one coaching sessions or group programs - just see our Sessions and Programs to book in a time. 


Divorce Lawyer

A Divorce Lawyer provides legal advice on entitlements, parenting orders, financial settlement and processes the Divorce Decree.

If you would like advice on when to engage a lawyer and who the best lawyer would be for you, please contact us.



A Mediator helps couples whose divorce has stalled gaining an understanding of both parties needs, providing dispute resolution, exploring solutions and negotiating to an agreeable outcome.

If you would like to be referred to a mediator, please contact us.

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A Psychologist or Counsellor help you if you are struggling to heal emotionally from divorce. They also provide advice on behaviour and developmental impacts on children.

If you need help finding a Psychologist or Counsellor for yourself or your children, please contact us.

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Separation Facilitator

A Separation Facilitator helps couples who know how they want to split their assets and parenting responsibilities so they can avoid lawyers if they want to. All divorce documents including parenting plans are created ready for submission enabling couples to minimise their divorce costs.

If you would like advice on whether a Separation Facilitator would suit your needs, please contact us.

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Financial Planner

A Financial Planner provides financial advice to secure the your financial security for the future, providing mortgage broking, self-managed super funds, property, and tax advice.

If you would like help securing your financial future but don't who to engage, please contact us.