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Pre-Populated Parenting Plan

Pre-Populated Parenting Plan

The key to minimising conflict in your co-parenting relationship is to ensure you have an agreed parenting plan setting out the ground rules.


Don't wait for the argument - 


  • about parenting schedules 
  • that you weren't told your child was going to the doctors
  • on who pays for the school excursions
  • that you weren't consulted on what school your kids should be enrolled in
  • that you don't get to talk via phone or facetime to the children before they go to bed
  • on a coparent moving house which will impact your custody time


The pre-populated personalised parenting plan has all the options for you and your co-parent to select to set up your baseline on how you will co-parent successfully.


Co-parenting is hard enough, so set the family up for success in the new family structure.


Creating a parenting plan can be stressful.


Trying to think of every possibility of what to include for ongoing shared parenting can make you feel anxious that you might leave out some vital information!


You may be feeling so overwhelmed, anxious, or distressed at the thought of having to sit down to discuss this with your ex..... let alone negotiating calmly with them!


Relax.....the work has been done for you!


This pre-populated parenting plan gives you back the power to take control and take action to get this agreement completed fast and easy!


Just review the topics, check each item and select an option!


You can sit down and work through it with your co-parent or do the selections yourself then hand it over to your ex  to review. Once agreed and signed you can use your parenting plan or have a lawyer create it into consent orders.


This pre-populated parenting plan saves you so much time trying to think of all the things to include and what options to consider regarding;

  • Parental Responsibilty
  • Parenting schedules between two homes 
  • Holiday arrangements, passports, holiday expenses
  • How you will communicate regarding the children, what methods will be used
  • Who goes to doctors appointments and who makes decisions on treatment
  • Sharing school information and attending school events
  • Expenses for extra-curricular activities and child care
  • and so much more!


Order your electronic copy to be delivered to you via email within 48's that easy!


This parenting plan can easily be turned into consent orders!


    Easy select options pre-populated parenting plan 


    There is no return or refunds available

  • Electronic Delivery

    Document is delivered electronically via email within 48 hours

GST Included
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